What is the difference between “Unsubscribing” and “Blacklisting" in Flexmail?

When you send an email to your contacts, he/she always has the option to unsubscribe. Your contact unsubscribes from a given mailing list. The status of this contact will then change from “Active” to “Unsubscribed”.


When you add an email address to the blacklist of a mailing list this address will automatically be removed from the mailing list in question. What’s more, you will no longer be able to generate or import this address in your mailing list as long as it is blacklisted.


In addition to blacklisting an email address for one specific mailing list you can also add it to the “Central blacklist”. Flexmail will then remove this email address from all the mailing lists linked to your account. What’s more, you will not be able to generate or import this email address to any of your mailing lists.