Contact Related Content

Dynamic and targeted content for every contact

Would you like to tailor the content of your message for individual contacts? Using Contact Related Content you can use contact information to display specific content for every type of contact.

Use contact information like language or region, interests and preferences to create conditional structures. That way Contact A will receive different information than Contact B, without you having to create different messages for every type of recipient. The result is one dynamic message containing only relevant content and information, targeted to every contact.

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Dynamic Content

Use data from your own database to compose your messages

Using a Dynamic Content template you compose the content of your email message by inserting data from your own database. By implementing specific variables into your template, all dynamic elements are automatically filled out using the content of your database.

That way you’ll automatically send the most relevant products or promotions to every single client, based on his purchase history or the data in your database. You save yourself a lot of energy and time, while you give your client relations and conversion a boost with relevant content.

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