Opt-in and Preference Center

Collect new contacts using your opt-in form

Your website is one of the best sources to convert interested visitors into email contacts. Using the Flexmail opt-in module you create your own subscription forms for your website, blog or social media pages. Select in which mailing list you wish to save your new contacts, and compose your form by selecting your desired fields.
Offer your contacts an optimal experience throughout the opt-in process by personalizing every screen and every email message with your own message.

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Once you’ve made your selections, Flexmail gives you the dynamic HTML code that you need to implement in your website. If you wish to add fields to your form or to chance a message, your opt-in form will automatically be updated. That way you don’t have to update the HTML code on your website.

Relevant communication using the Preference Center

If you wish to offer your contacts an even more personal approach, you can extend the opt-in module with a Preference Center. By adding different preferences to your opt-in form, you will get to know more about the needs and interests of your contacts. You could set up preferences to let your contacts indicate which product categories, services or types of email communications they are interested in.

You can use those preferences when sending your campaigns or segmenting your contacts.

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Using an update link in your email message your contacts can manage their own preferences at any time. Because your contacts can indicated themselves what kind of information they would like to receive, your unsubscribe rate will decrease, and your communication will always stay relevant.