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Real HTML experts can use our WYSIWYG HTML editor. The Flexmail HTML editor allows for a maximum flexibility to create your email messages. Either start with a blank page and completely build your message, or start with one of our 50 HTML templates. On top of that, Flexmail allows you to import your own templates.

Editor example

With the HTML editor you can code your message yourself in a user-friendly environment

A correct HTML code is extremely important for a maximum delivery quality of your email messages and a minimum resistance in case of spam filters. In addition, every email client applies HTML code in a different way. To assist you with this, you can find CSS tips in the Flexmail Editor. This guide lists all exceptions you have to take into account when designing for email clients.

The useful rollback function makes sure you will never loose information because of mistakes. At any time you can roll back to one of the 10 last saved versions.

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