Contact management

Contact management

Our extensive contact management makes it easy to attract new subscribers and manage your contacts more effectively. Keep track of your contacts’ interests and segment them for an even better one-to-one communication. The intuitive interface takes care of all new subscribers, unsubscribers, and bounces. You can use all the information you have about your contacts to make your messages more personal.

  • Easy and fast import of all your contact data
  • Flexible export
  • Automated unsubscribe and update functions
  • Comprehensive search

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Subscription forms

Compose your own subscription form for your website, blog and social media pages. All new subscriptions are automatically added to the correct mailing list. Give them a warm welcome with your own opt-in message.

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Divide your contacts into different target groups. Once a contact meets the chosen criteria about his profile or actions, his contact information will appear in the matching sub mailing list. New registrations and added contacts will automatically show up in your sub list.

Contact Database Manager

Even though we provide 32 standard data fields for your contact information, you can still add as many fields as you like. Create new fields and use them to personalize your messages or to segment your contacts.

Interest labels

Keep track of the interests of your contacts by having us check their behavior in your emails. You can also import them manually. Automatically build a list of contacts with similar interests and send them targeted messages.

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Email design

Email design

Flexmail takes the stress out of email design. We offer you three simple tools to create your message. Just choose the tool that fits you best. Create professional email messages in no time with the Flexmail Message Wizard. With the drag & drop Smart Builder you draw your message on a canvas. Get creative using the HTML Editor and design your message in a familiar environment.

  • Easy message creation
  • Elaborate set of options and extras
  • Integrated responsive design
  • Lots of free templates

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Smart Builder

Using our easy drag&drop tool you’ll create professional newsletters, promotional emails, original invitations and effective follow-up emails in just a couple of clicks. Thanks to the various templates and design options, you’ll design beautiful and responsive email messages with the best results in each inbox, and on every device.

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Message Wizard

The Flexmail Message Wizard is a unique tool freeing you from all the troubles of managing layout and pictures. The menu guides you step by step through the template while composing your message. All you need to do is write the content, we take care of the rest. It will take you less than ten minutes to create a flawless email message.

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HTML editor

With the HTML editor, you can code your message yourself in a user-friendly environment. Start from scratch, or use one of our templates while maintaining maximum flexibility. You can also import existing HTML code directly into Flexmail. The rollback option allows you to go back to one of the last 10 saved versions.

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Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the primary devices consumers use to open emails. With our responsive design, you can respond accordingly. Instead of segmenting your subscribers by the type of device they use, you'll display unique content based on the width of your contact’s screen.

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Make your campaigns more personal. Include subscriber information like name, client number, address, age, codes, etc… within your email. All fields, including custom defined fields, can be used to add a personal touch to your message.

Landing pages

Create landing pages to display exclusive content or extra information on your products and services, and add the links to your email messages. That way, you keep your message concise. Afterwards, you'll see exactly which contacts clicked on the link to learn more about your products and content.


Create your own digital forms for invitations, requests and registrations. Flexmail will collect all the data in comprehensible reports, which can be exported to 6 different file formats. Use the unique web link of each form in your email messages and publish them on your website.

Targeted messages

With Contact Related Content you can send your subscribers highly-targeted content. Articles are only displayed when your contact meets certain criteria, like his contact information or interests. That way, you can send different offers to your contacts depending on sector, language, interests, etc. It's also possible to create XML content files.

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Image and file hosting

Upload and store as many photos and files as you want and use them in your newsletter. Link to brochures and other documents in your message.

Text version

Optimize your message by generating a text version. Contacts whose device can’t support HTML, will still be able to receive your message. You’ll also get through spam filters more easily.

Message Transfer

Message Transfer allows you to create your mails in your email client. By sending this mail to a unique email address it will appear with your Flexmail account’s messages.

Web version of your message

Every message has its own weblink, which you can use to publish your message on your website, blog or social media pages.

High deliverability

High deliverability

In order to guarantee the highest delivery rate, Flexmail automatically takes all necessary steps to make sure your campaigns are put together and sent under the best conditions. Besides a lot of built-in checks, you dispose of several features to check your campaign yourself.

  • Automatic detection of delivery issues
  • Reputation and abuse monitoring
  • Sophisticated infrastructure

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Test campaigns

Don't leave anything to chance and send your campaign to your test mailing list first. Check the personalization, sender data, subject line, forms and links. Are you happy with the result of your test campaign? Then simply launch your actual campaign directly to the selected mailing lists.

Message and spam check

Use our message check to make sure your email design looks great in all the major email clients. Spam check helps you stay out of trouble by looking for words and phrases that trigger spam filters. If your email triggers a spam filter, it tells you exactly why.

Email Authentication

Optimize your delivery for even better results. By implementing certain records, the receiving mail server can check if the sending server is legitimate. Authentication is a way to prove an email is not forged.

Send engine

We’ve put powerful instruments in place to ensure flawless delivery of large volumes of email to the right inbox. Our abuse detection engine keeps our system healthy by automatically detecting bad rates or suspicious senders. On top of that, we maintain a good relationship with all the major ISPs and stay current on industry and technology standards.

Easy campaign creation

Easy campaign creation

By following the 4 simple steps, you can create professional email marketing campaigns that will get you the best results. Easily determine sender information and subject lines, and send your campaign to mailing lists, sub mailing lists, interest labels and/or preferences. Before hitting the "Send" button, you will get a detailed overview of your campaign and all of its settings. Several built-in checks will warn you of any potential issues. Get your campaigns on their way without a fuss.

  • Step-by-step campaign creation
  • Integrated test campaigns
  • Duplicate existing campaigns

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Sending information

Determine your sending name, sending address, reply address and a compelling subject line to make sure your campaign gets opened by your audience.

Send to lists and groups

Besides sending to a single mailing list, you can also compose your audience by combining different lists, preferences and interest labels. You can even exclude mailing lists with contacts from your campaigns.

Deferred sending

Send your campaign immediately or schedule your campaign for release at a later date and time. This allows you to adapt your campaign to foreign time zones.

Test campaigns

Don't leave anything to chance and send your campaign to your test mailing list first. Check the personalization, sender data, subject line, forms and links. Are you happy with the result of your test campaign? Then simply launch your actual campaign directly to the selected mailing lists.

Dynamic Domain Manager

The add-on 'Dynamic Domain Manager' allows you to send campaigns without any reference to the Flexmail domain. Links to images and files will point to your own domain. Send professional campaigns to all your contacts without revealing any 'third party' software.

Flexmail Workflows

Create automated flows to offer your contacts the perfect follow-up. Send automated emails based on contact behavior and contact data at just the right time and adapt your follow-up and strategy at the same time. Quickly start with one of our standard flows, or build your own extensive marketing automation flows yourself.
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Social Media Management

Get a complete overview of all your social media activities from within your familiar Flexmail environment. Manage your social media accounts and various feeds, plan posts, interact with your audience and analyze the reports of your different accounts. With the search on your dashboard you discover posts that contain the keywords that are relevant to you. That way you can quickly respond to any customer service issues, track your responses to your online marketing campaign or get an overview of feedback on your recent launch.
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AB Testing

Instantly optimize the results of your campaign using AB testing on subject line, sender address, content and call to actions. Choose which test you wish to run, add your different variants and determine the size of your test group. The winning variant will automatically be sent to your remaining contacts.

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Reporting & analysis

Reporting & analysis

Track your email campaigns, mailing lists, forms, surveys, contact activity and marketing automation campaigns in real time using one of the many comprehensive reports. View extensive campaign details such as delivery rates, open rates, and click activity. Study your contacts by interpreting their clicking behavior in your email messages. Drill down into individual subscriber details such as times of opens, link clicks, survey results, and more.

  • Extensive range of reports
  • Reporting in both numbers and charts
  • Flexible export

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Link tracking

Find out how many subscribers are opening your email campaign. See which individual subscribers viewed your campaign, how many times they opened it, and the date/time that they viewed your campaign.

Google analytics

Learn more about the effectiveness of your campaign by using our Google Analytics integration. Track the entire visit of your contacts on your website, whenever they follow a link inside your newsletter.

Client reporting

Find out exactly in which desktop, web-based or mobile email client your contacts have opened your message. With this information you can optimize your next email campaigns for even better results.

Follow up campaigns

Launch follow-up campaigns directly from within your report. Send a modified campaign with a different subject line to everyone who didn’t open, or send extra information to everyone who clicked on a link to your products.

Bounce management

Check which contacts resulted in bounced emails. You can view the type of bounce, along with the reason why they have returned. Once an email address bounced the number of times specified in your settings, Flexmail marks this address as "bounced out". This way, you can keep your mailing lists clean.

Compare campaigns

With this report, you can compare the results of several campaigns. It presents a clear view of the impact of certain changes to your campaign. An overview graph shows the evolution of the campaign opened, clicked and bounce rates.

Form reports

Get to know your contacts even better with our form reports. Every report can also be exported to 6 different formats. You can also launch follow-up campaigns directly from your report.



Increasingly, email marketing is only part of the larger global commercial and marketing activities of businesses.Get more out of your email marketing by integrating external solutions into Flexmail. The Flexmail API allows you to create a connection with your own software. You can also enjoy our existing connectors with partners like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

  • Powerful API
  • Immediate overview of all your customer data
  • Track your contacts on your website

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Flexmail API

Connect your existing database with your database in Flexmail using our powerful SOAP web services Developer API and enjoy seamless integration. The API allows you to handle data transfers in real time, eliminating the need for manual imports and exports.
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Ready-made connectors

If you're using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Efficy or Archie, you can steer the main Flexmail activities from within your own CRM application, thanks to our connectors. You can manage your contacts, apply segmentation and launch email campaigns from within your CRM, and import the most important campaign statistics directly into your familiar CRM environment.

Social sharing

Get your message across to more people by adding social media links in your message. With our social media integration, you can choose to share your entire message, or just a single article. Find out who is interacting with your message.

Google analytics

Learn more about the effectiveness of your campaign by using our Google Analytics integration. Track the entire visit of your contacts on your website, whenever they follow a link inside your newsletter.



The Flexmail Multi-account is a management environment specifically designed for agencies and retailers. Create and manage your own sub-accounts right inside Flexmail. With our Approval flow addition, retailers get some neat extra features that will help you manage your other locations and branches more effectively. The head office or agency functions as an administrator and manages the rights and the messages of the sub-accounts centrally.

  • Create your own sub-accounts
  • Rights management per sub account
  • Detailed overview of sub account actions and usage

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Add and manage accounts

Create unlimited sub-accounts for your clients or branches with their own login and administrator password.

Rights management

Set up detailed rights for every sub account, limiting the access of the sub accounts to certain parts of the platform.

Jump buttons

Use the jump buttons for a fast navigation between your different sub-accounts.


Add your own top banner to the platform. See also our White Label Solution for complete personalization.

Detailed reporting on history

Get a quick and detailed overview of your sub-accounts’ actions and credit usage.

Approval flow

We provide an internal communication system between main and sub accounts. This option allows sub accounts to apply for approval from the main account after the creation of a message.

Pushing messages

Messages created in the main account can be transferred to one or more sub accounts. That way, you can offer an extra service to your customers or create uniformity for all company branches.

Centralized credits management

Distribute your email credits among your different sub-accounts and charge them accordingly.

White Label Solution

Replace the Flexmail branding with your own. Use your name, your own domain name and your own look and feel to offer the platform to your customers.



Build your own professional surveys and get to know your subscribers better. With this add-on you can combine different types of questions, build scenarios based on the answers, and brand the survey with your company logo. All replies will be stored in a Flexmail database. The answers are processed into clear reports that are easy to print and export.

  • Build intuitive surveys with scenarios
  • Compare questions
  • Personalize your surveys

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8 different types of questions

Compose your survey by combining different question types like small or big text fiels, multiple choice questions, radio buttons, checkboxes and response matrixes.

Multiple questions and pages

In order to create a clear and clean design, you can spread your questions over multiple pages. That way, you can group similar questions and topics together.

Scenarios based on answers

Build a scenario based on answers to your questions. Redirect contacts with a specific answer to another page or question. That way, you create an extremely relevant survey with only those questions that apply for a certain contact.

Apply your own look and feel

Make your survey instantly recognizable by personalizing it with the colors and font of your brand. Upload your own banner to make it appear at the top of your survey.

Anonymous or named surveys

Based on the goal of your survey, your contacts can fill out your survey anonymously, or fill out contact information at the top of the survey.

Help text for pages and questions

Make it clear to your contacts what they have to do by setting help texts with a page or a question. You can even edit these texts with an easy WYSIWYG editor.

Determine your closing page

Offer your contacts a nice thank you after they finished your survey by adding an additional note or automatically refer them to a landing page or your website.

Embed your survey

Link to your survey from your email message, website or social media pages with the unique and secure web link we create for each and every survey.

Clear real-time reports

All replies to your surveys are stored in the Flexmail database. You can review all the detailed information in a question report, a participant report and a comparative report.

Export results to 6 formats

The question and participant report can be exported to 6 different formats. This allows you to do your own data analysis and result editing. You can even compose your own files.

Progress indicator

To encourage your contacts to fill out the survey completely, we’ve added a progress indicator. Your contacts will exactly see how far they progressed.



Security and reliability are major topics when it comes to professional email marketing. The Flexmail infrastructure meets the highest standards and is distributed worldwide to guarantee the highest service level. We have put multiple monitoring and alerting systems in place. This combined with regular internal and external audits on our platform and services guarantees a safe and reliable environment.

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Multiple encryptions and hashing
  • Globally distributed server network
  • Regular internal and external audits

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Data security

Flexmail takes your data security very seriously. All passwords are hashed using the sha256 hash algorithm in combination with a unique salt-string for dynamic calculation. A new salt-string will be generated each time a user requests a new password.

Data integrity

Our identity and the integrity of all connections on the Flexmail platform are guaranteed by a Versign Class 3 Extended validation SSL CA. All urls in the application are encrypted with their own encryption to prevent abuse.

Cookie policy

The telecom act stipulates that it is illegal to make use of 3rd party cookies (tracking cookies) without the explicit consent of the surfer. Flexmail only uses session cookies and does not use them to store confidential information.


Our system monitoring combines server monitoring, campaign monitoring as well as client monitoring. This enables us to scan our platform day in and day out on possible malfunctions and detect spam behaviour quickly. All spam complaints are handled with the utmost care.


Flexmail obtained the ISO 9001 certificate. This certificate guarantees that our quality management systems meet the highest standards. That means that we ensure a high-quality customer service, a well-organized structure and reliable processes throughout our platform and customer care.

Data center

The Flexmail application is a private cloud housed in a secured world-class data center. Flexmail uses a battery of specific configured mail servers, geographically distributed throughout several countries. Our Content Delivery Network consists of many dozens of servers and is distributed globally.