Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With the MS Dynamics CRM connector you can easily integrate all your customer data into Flexmail. Easily create categories and mailing lists and launch your campaign directly from within your CRM environment. Subscriptions to your newsletter are automatically transferred from Flexmail into your CRM and vice versa.

Messages and forms need to be created in Flexmail. When you’re launching the campaign in your CRM, you’ll see a list of all messages created.

Once you’ve sent your campaign, you can easily retrieve all the statistics for your campaign with the click of a button. See who unsubscribed or bounced, on which links a contact clicked or which form he filled out. All actions concerning sent email campaigns through Flexmail will become email events in CRM.

For every bounced email, a workflow starts automatically and creates a task for the owner of the contact/account/lead with subject ‘contact has bounced’, so the owner can directly follow up this bounced email. This workflow can be adapted.

You cannot only see all the detailed information about your email marketing campaigns in the marketing campaigns area, but also directly on the account, contact or lead form. Sales will have a clear overview of all email marketing actions for a specific contact.